Semi Dry Transfer System
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   Sage-SD Features


1   27×22cm large area allows it to be applied for transfering multiple sizes of gels,including large size two-dimensional electrophoresis gels.
2   Rapid transfer:It enables highly efficient and rapid transfer in as little as 10-60 minutes.
3   Semi-dry transfer: Buffer tank and gel holder cassette are not needed. Rapaid, economical and stable.
4   High throughput: It can transfer more than one gel in a single run. Gel sandwiches could be placed side-by-side or stacked up. Gel sandwiches are separated by pre-soaked dialysis membrane.
5   Platinum-coated titanium anode plate electrodes and stainless steel cathode plate electrodes provide consistent electric field and reliable transfer.
6   Simple and independent cover design makes operation easier and faster.
7   Automatically cut off power supply when lifting the upper cover, avoiding electric shock and protecting operators.
8   Agarose gel supporting frame, which is used for rapid transfer of DNA/RNA gels, is available.
9   The system is equipped with a roller, which is used for rolling out air bubbles.
10   Spring design of anode platform allows the platform to ceeommodate gels with different thickness, and provides uniform pressure to gel sandwiches during transfer.


   Technical parameters 


Maximum gel size   27 x 22 cm
Buffer requirement    200ml
Gel capacity   1-3 27*22cm gel sandwiches
4-10 different sizes gel sandwiches

Laser Scanning
Gel Imager
Multiplex Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence
Lab auto-instrument