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Infinite innovation contains in inches
Mini Chemiluminescent Imaging and Analysis System
Your Good Helper of Chemiluminescent Imaging

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High-end configuration,
high sensitivity imaging system
1.4 to 8.32 megapixel/F 0.95
Big size and deeply cooled scientific grade-CCD camera
Subminiature Design Concept
Small body, only 33cm wide
save more space for the lab.
High Definition Imaging Effect
High sensitivity
make the weaker chemiluminescence
signal can also be captured
New SgaeCapture™ Imaging Software
Parameter Setting-Save-Shoot-Skip to Analysis
so easy and simple
Fuselage With Shortcuts
Metallic shortcuts butterns with LED light
make the operation convenient and quick

Please select a MiniChemiProduct model to check the parameters in detail
MiniChemi 910
MiniChemi 610
MiniChemi 580
MiniChemi 500
Laser Scanning
Gel Imager
Multiplex Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence
Lab auto-instrument