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11 years
concentration achieved industry leading brand
A Top-level and multifunctional imaging system which apply to imaging of RGB fluorescent and all of visible samples.

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Control Panel
Automatic control by touch panel
Control the switch of light
source and lens adjustment
Convenient and quick
Avoid cross contamination
Complete Accessories &
Unlimited Expansion
RGB fluorescent light source, automatic lift platform, six filters wheel, white light transmission/conversion board,

Single wavelength epi-UV, blue transilluminator, etc.

for your choices

High quality cooled scientific
grade CCD sensor and
large aperture lens
1.4 to 8.15 megapixels high
sensitive cooled CCD camera
Large aperture lens is the ideal lens for chemiluminescent imaging,
as the features of large light amount ensured
optimal images even under dark environment.

New SageCapture™software realized auto focus function.

Adopts full automatic streamline control and operation ways. Auto focusing to samples

Make imaging foolproof!

Flagship instrument &
powerful function
Applied to UV
RGB fluorescence and visible light.
Please select a ChampChemiProduct model to check the parameters in detail
ChampChemi 910
ChampChemi 610
ChampChemi 580
ChampChemi 500
Laser Scanning
Gel Imager
Multiplex Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence
Lab auto-instrument